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The directorate conducts satellite mission integration and provides reliable, integrated tools to test and support the nation's space launch, ballistic missile and aeronautical testing. More on SMC/LE. ... The Air Force Office of Special Investigations has been the Air Force's major investigative service since , 1948. The agency reports to ...

Another beautiful day at the Hill Air Force Base, Warriors Over The Wasatch, Air Show on June 23. Lt. Gen. Levy, Air Force Sustainment Center Commander, had an opportunity to receive a special baton from the SOCOM ParaCommandos parachute team.

It became a directorate within the Air Force's Personnel Center Oct. 1, 1995. On Aug. 29, 2006, the Air and Space Expeditionary Force Center, Langley Air Force Base, ia, became a direct reporting unit of the Personnel Center.

With headquarters at Kirtland Air Force Base, , the Space Vehicles Directorate serves as the Air Force's "Center of Excellence" for space technology research and development. The directorate develops and transitions space technologies to provide spacebased capabilities.

The Armament Directorate mission is to equip warfighters by acquiring and supporting warwinning capabilities. In concert with the Directorate’s mission is the vision to deliver affordable worlddominant armament capabilities…on time, on target. Led by the Air Force Program Executive Officer for ...

AFSAC Online Supporting Worldwide Partnerships AFSAC Online offers a range of business applications providing customers with visibility into their country programs.

The Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate is the Information Technology (IT) leader for the Air Force community and Department of Defense (DoD), delivering comprehensive IT solutions and providing expert contracting, acquisition and program management.

10401, Air Force Operations Planning and Execution. Additionally, this publication sets out significant changes in AEF UTC Reporting Tool (ART) reporting responsibilities which reflect ... Air Force Personnel Center Directorate of AEF Operations (AFPC/DPW). ..... 7 Air Force Major Commands (MAJCOMs/FOAs/DRUs).

The Air Force Challenge will start small by gathering ideas from individual Airmen, rapidly evolve concepts with national thought leaders and scale fast by working with industry to build and demonstrate prototypes. ... AFRL Aerospace Systems Directorate recognizes its members' exceptional accomplishments;

The directorate is also responsible for the Air Force technology programs that address environmental issues and provides materials expertise for airbase assets such as runways and infrastructures and technologies for aerospace expeditionary forces.

The Inspections Directorate develops policies, planning, and program evaluation for the Air Force Inspection System and maintains policy oversight.

AFCEC assists with the development of energy conservation policy and guidance, manages the facility metering initiative, manages inputs to the Air Force Energy Reporting System and produces the Annual Energy Management Report, which is reported to Congress.

The Official Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Website for submitting Recruit and Direct Short Service Applications to join Nigerian Air Force.

The former Civilian Personnel Operations was established on July 1, 1976 and was a direct reporting unit of the Air Force Directorate of Civilian Personnel until Feb. 5, 1991, when it was renamed the Air Force Civilian Personnel Management Center and became a field operating agency.

Air Force Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate Richard T. Aldridge, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Program Executive Officer for Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) and Director of the Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate, Maxwell Air Force …

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The directorate is located at Kirtland Air Force Base, AFRL pioneered the first and only megawatt class airborne laser and is a world leader in groundbased space imaging using adaptive optics with a telescope in New Mexico and a telescope in Hawaii.

Colonel Timothy D. West is the Acting Director, Aerospace Systems Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, WrightPatterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

The 99th Medical Group at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas offers a wide range of services to maintain Airman readiness and care to their families. What many may not know, is the importance of their plastic surgery practice.

The ICBM Systems Directorate is a proud AFMC organization which reports directly to the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. The ICBM Systems Directorate (NI) is located at Hill AFB, UT and is responsible for acquisition and modernization excellence to sustain the current deployed Minuteman III force.

With headquarters at Kirtland AFB, the Space Vehicles Directorate serves as the Air Force's "Center of Excellence" for space research and development. The Directorate develops and transitions space technologies for more effective, more affordable warfighter missions.

The Installations Directorate, located at Joint Base San AntonioLackland, Texas, has a primary mission of providing enterprisewide real estate solutions that support current and future Air Force missions, Airmen and their families.

The Regional Directorate is a key integrator for a partner nation’s security cooperation and assistance programs working with the interagency and Air Force security cooperation organizations such as AFSAC, AFSAT, and the Systems Program Office (SPO).

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. Dr. Will Roper, the Air Force's senior civilian acquisition leader, today redesignated Program Executive Office Battle Management as PEO Digital, to be headquartered at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass.

The Complaints Resolution Directorate supports The Inspector General as the focal point for Air Force administrative investigations, fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) prevention programs and …

Air Force leaders announced changes to headquarters staff manning and organization today. The Air Force will create efficiencies by deactivating and realigning organizations at headquarters Air Force, major commands (MAJCOMs), numbered air forces and field operating agencies, resulting in savings of billion across the Air Force in the next five years.

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is a scientific research organization operated by the United States Air Force Materiel Command dedicated to leading the discovery, development, and integration of affordable aerospace warfighting technologies, planning and executing the Air Force science and technology program, and providing warfighting ...

The Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate, having a rich history and located at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, develops conventional munitions technologies to provide the Air Force with a strong technology base upon which future airdelivered munitions can be developed to neutralize potential threats to the US.

The Global Positioning Systems Directorate is a joint service effort directed by the United States Air Force and managed at the Space and Missile Systems Center, Air Force Space Command, Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif.

The Regional Directorate of SAF/IA integrates security cooperation, security assistance, politicalmilitary strategy, and strategic communication actions with partner nations for the Air Force.

The Air Force Departmental Publishing Office provides inhouse Adobe Forms Training and an orientation course for Headquarters Air Force Publication Change Managers and Action Officers. Quarterly Newsletter. Air Force Departmental Publishing Office. Fact Sheet.

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